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Tweetings for Twitter 3.5.0 (v3.5.0) Apk Android

Tweetings for Twitter 3.5.0 (v3.5.0) Apk

Tweetings for Twitter 3.5.0 (v3.5.0) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Tweetings for Twitter 3.5.0 is a powerful Twitter Client for Android devices.

Tweetings for Twitter v3.5.0 Apk Features:

  • Saved Searches
  • Local Trends
  • Translate tweets
  • Shorten links with a variety of providers
  • List support
  • Mute twitter users, words or applications
  • View conversations
  • Delete your own tweets and Direct Messages
  • Change timeline text size
  • Enable or disable retweets on a user by user basis
  • Pull to refresh
  • Picture preview
  • Geotagging
  • Compose username autocomplete
  • Large screen support with panes
  • Uploading images as well as
  • Customize, edit, apply filters to photos
  • TweetMarker & Tweetings Cloud Timeline Sync support
  • Stream Tweets over WiFi.
  • Inline image previews

Tweetings for Twitter v3.5.0 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Built against Android 4.3
  • Your user profile image can now be displayed on the compose screen, turn on or off from settings. If more than one account is selected it'll just show a default image
  • Switch accounts on compose quickly by tapping profile image
  • When using relative timestamps on the timeline the time is now only updated on refresh, turn the auto-update back on in settings>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 (v1.58) Apk Android

Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 (v1.58) Apk 

Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 (v1.58) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 isn't your ordinary brightness app. Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 intelligently adjusts the brightness of your display based on the environment you're in. If, for example, you step into a dimly lit room, Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 will automatically lower the brightness of your display to make Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 not only comfortable to read, but to also preserve battery power.

Lux Auto Brightness 1.58 Apk provides the option to automatically adjust the backlight at fixed intervals, when a change in environment is detected.

Lux Auto Brightness v1.58 Apk Features:

  • Backup to SD.
  • Customisable data filtering for phones with inaccurate light sensors.
  • Gradual fade effect for backlight adjustments.
  • Night mode, to change the colour temperature of the display for comfortable night time viewing.
  • Add app specific exceptions via compatibility mode
  • No ads, or other nuisances.
  • Custom auto brightness.
  • Sub zero brightness to make reading in the dark significantly less irritating.
  • Battery efficient
  • Handy brightness widget
  • Option to use the camera to read in ambient light.

Lux Auto Brightness v1.58 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Fixed manual location
  • Fixed rare sleep bug
  • Dutch/Spanish translations>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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GrooVe IP - Free Calls 1.3.12 (v1.3.12) Apk Android

GrooVe IP - Free Calls 1.3.12 (v1.3.12) Apk

GrooVe IP - Free Calls 1.3.12 (v1.3.12) Apk is recently updated to its new version. GrooVe IP - Free Calls 1.3.12 is an android app that connects to Google Voice using Voice over IP. What this means for you is you can make free unlimited calls to any phone in the US or Canada without using your voice minutes. 

GrooVe IP - Free Calls 1.3.12 Apk works on any android device, phone or tablet, and allows you to make calls using the device’s data connection. If you have a smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, you can use this app to convert it to a free, full featured working phone.

  • To receive incoming calls you MUST go into your Google Voice account and forward calls to Google Chat.
  • GrooVe IP 1.3.5 Apk uses 1.2 MB per minute during a call
  • Please ensure that your Google Voice account is associated with either a gmail or google apps account.

GrooVe IP - Free Calls v1.3.12 Apk Recent Changes

  • Fix one way voice with Nexus 4 and Android 4.3
  • Update default settings for the LG Optimus LG P769
  • Update the reconnect interval setting to completely exit the app and restart it instead of just signing out and signing back in>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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ePSXe for Android 1.9.5 (v1.9.5) Apk Android

ePSXe for Android 1.9.5 (v1.9.5) Apk 

ePSXe for Android 1.9.5 (v1.9.5) Apk is recently updated to its new version. It is a port from the famous ePSXe for Android 1.9.5 for PC. ePSXe for Android 1.9.5 provides high compatibility and good speed. ePSXe for Android 1.9.5 is designed for smartphones and tablets, including a fun 2 players option for tablets using split screen mode.

ePSXe for Android v1.9.5 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Added a workaround to get sound on Android 4.3
  • Added support for Namco Gun using touchscreen
  • Fixed some problems on some joysticks with l2/r2 buttons
  • Added more extra combo and sticky virtual buttons>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Advanced Task Manager Pro 3.1.5 (v3.1.5) Apk Android

Advanced Task Manager Pro 3.1.5 (v3.1.5) Apk 

Advanced Task Manager Pro 3.1.5 (v3.1.5) Apk is recently updated to its new version. 
Best task killer for android system, speed up phone, save battery.
Kill tasks,free memory,speed up phone,save battery.
ATM 2.0 with totally new UI is comming, and it's really cool.

Advanced Task Manager Pro v3.1.5 Apk Features:

  • One click task kill widget
  • Quick uninstaller
  • Show battery life
  • Support android 1.5/1.6/2.2/2.3/3.x/4.0
  • Ad Free
  • Task killer, kill selected tasks
  • Ignore apps when kill tasks
  • Auto kill tasks on every screen off
  • Regular kill
  • Startup Kill 
Advanced Task Manager Pro 3.1.5 Apk is basicly a task killer. It can list all the running tasks, and you can select some of them to kill. It is also a task manager tool to manage all the apps or running apps, you can long click on the task that you want to kill, and you will get a poped up menu with more options.

Another important difference is that we have an uninstaller feature in our task killer, and you can uninstall useless apps. Most of the task killers have one click widget, but our widget can show available memory. It's not default enabled, users should enable it in settings. Overall our app killer is the best one of so many task or app kill tools in the market.

Advanced Task Manager Pro v3.1.5 Apk Changes:

  • Multi-window support
  • Change language>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Sidebar Pro 4.3.1 (v4.3.1) Apk Android

Sidebar Pro 4.3.1 (v4.3.1) Apk

Sidebar Pro 4.3.1 (v4.3.1) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Sidebar Pro 4.3.1 with your favorite apps, and simply swipe in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most. Simple yet elegant.
  • To dock the Sidebar Pro 4.3.1, simply select an app or touch outside
  • To remove an app, simply swipe it out of the Sidebar Pro 4.3.1. Alternatively, long pressing will bring up further options such as inserting and replacing.
  • A simple Add button appended at the end of the sidebar summons a menu listing all the apps installed on your system. Simply pick an app, and it will be added to the Sidebar Pro 4.3.1 for quick access.

Sidebar Pro v4.3.1 Apk:

Sidebar Pro 4.3.1 Apk lifts the limitations put on the lite version and opens access to new customization as well as functionality elevating sidebar, to its most impeccable and pure state.

Sidebar Pro v4.3.1 Apk Recent Changes: 

  • Tweaked running indicators and othe UI elements
  • Support for Android 4.3
  • Major memory optimizations
  • Much more efficient background processing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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SMS Backup & Restore Pro 6.30 (v6.30) Apk Android

SMS Backup & Restore Pro 6.30 (v6.30) Apk 

SMS Backup & Restore Pro 6.30 (v6.30) Apk is recently updated to its new version. This is a Paid No Ads version of the Ad Supported Free App.

Note: On newer phones with inbuilt storage the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external. This is because the phone reports the storage that way. If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone.


There is a known problem with some firmware versions of the Droid X and Droid 2 phones that the restored messages do not get the correct time stamps.


  • Finnish - Thanks to Juhana H.
  • Russian - Thanks to Pavel 
  • Spanish - Thanks to Miguel A. Alvarez
  • French - Thanks to Julien Benoist
  • German - Thanks to Marc Hillesheim & Jan Allan Zischke
  • Dutch – Thanks to Kristof Roels
  • Portuguese - Thanks to António Silva
  • Italian - Thanks to Oliver Thomas Cervera
  • Polish - Thanks to MSZ & MR
  • Swedish - Thanks to Björn Lindahl
  • Estonian - Thanks to Margus Palu
  • Simplified Chinese - Thanks to Thomas Wang
  • Slovenian - Thanks to TKL
  • Welsh - Thanks to Huw Waters
  • Czech - Thanks to Jiri Trcka
  • Greek - Thanks to Michael and Dimitrios
  • Georgian - Thanks to Temuri Doghonadze

SMS Backup & Restore Pro v6.30 Apk Recent Changes

  • Changed the Scheduler and Password screens to show a Toggle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>

Clean Calendar Widget Pro 4.31 (v4.31) Apk Android

Clean Calendar Widget Pro 4.31 (v4.31) Apk

Clean Calendar Widget Pro 4.31 (v4.31) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Clean Calendar Agenda Widget Pro version.

Clean Calendar Widget Pro 4.31 Apk Features:

  • Highlight today events
  • Filter out all-day events
  • Show day of the week in event date
  • The ability to change the text color
  • Make background transparent 
  • Show the week numbers
  • 4 different widget sizes, more are coming
  • Events scrolling
  • Pick calendars to show events from
  • Enter new events and open your calendar from the widget
  • Fold / unfold the buttons panel to provide more space for the events

Clean Calendar Widget Pro 4.31 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Added an option to start selected app by pressing the date in the upper left corner 
  • Added different layout options for the event field 
  • Have an Idea for a new feature? Please let me know>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Music Player (Remix) 1.4.3 (v1.4.3) Apk Android

Music Player (Remix) 1.4.3 (v1.4.3) Apk 

Music Player (Remix) 1.4.3 (v1.4.3) Apk  is recently updated to its new version. Music Player (Remix) 1.4.3 is an advanced music app for Android designed from the ground up to be powerful, yet user-friendly and fun to use.

Music Player (Remix) 1.4.3 has a large assortment of features, many of which you won't find in any other music app. 

Music Player (Remix) v1.4.3 Apk Features:

  • Save bookmarks in a song and visual markers will appear on the scrubber bar. Tap previous/next to jump between bookmarks or use the "View Bookmarks" option to select a bookmark.
  • Any time you play a song, a bookmark is automatically saved when you leave the song. To go back to the previous play position in a song, use the "View Bookmarks" option.
  • Download album art for any song or album. Select from several choices with different image resolutions. Album art is embedded directly in the music files.
  • Download lyrics for a song which are embedded directly in the music file. Pinch/zoom the lyrics to change the font size. Feel like singing along? 
  • Advanced playlist management including drag/drop song re-ordering & multi-add mode. While in multi add mode.
  • When viewing an artist, swipe between the song list, the album list, and the artist's wiki page. 
  • Stylish 4x1 and 4x2 home screen widgets.
  • Gapless playback on Jellybean.
  • Large, finger-friendly controls on phones and tablets. Tap the album art to pause/play & skip tracks.
  • Any time you add songs to your device, the app will issue a notification which when tapped will load those songs into a playlist and play them.
  • All screens are optimized for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • The Now Playing screen has been optimized for 7" and 8.9"/10" tablets.
  • All library browsing screens have several display and sorting options.

Music Player (Remix) v1.4.3 Apk Recent Changes:

  •  Add 'Breath of Fresh Air' autolist.
  • Users in a restricted profile under Android 4.3+ may not have access to all apps, so before launching an external app, verify the user has access to that external resource. If not, display an error.
  • Several bug fixes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Tegra Overclock 1.6.0a (v1.6.0a) Apk Android

Tegra Overclock 1.6.0a (v1.6.0a) Apk

Tegra Overclock 1.6.0a (v1.6.0a) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Tegra Overclock 1.6.0a will enable you to save power or switch to performance on fly. Tegra Overclock 1.6.0a covers safety features of master boot to enable/ disable your boot settings. Designed in a way that is look different than most market overclocking tools and provide easy to use interface. It can be very effective for those who are frustrated of heat problems or battery drain issues. For gamers it pack an FPS lock that help to get consistent Frame rate while saving battery when Gaming.

Tegra Overclock v1.6.0a Apk Features:

  • Works like a charm even on any Tegra 3 stock Kernel and from v1.5.1 on any Firmware
  • Allows you to lock FPS which inturn saves battery for gamers and non gamers alike
  • Select number of cores!
  • The show stealer Low Power Core Control
  • SetCpu clock control
  • Gpu Overclock
  • Added 50, 100, 150 Mhz frequencies to GPU for power saving purpose. Default lowest was 200Mhz!!
  • Ram Underclock 
  • Undervolting
  • SD cache
  • Out Of Memory Management 
  • Nvidia Prism Toggle Control 
  • egra Thermal Guard
  • Some Misc Tweaks + more upcoming
From v 1.2 Tegra Overclock will work on all Tegra 3 devices regardless of Kernel used. Still keep in mind that some of the features and Gpu Overclocking are kernel specific.

Tegra Overclock v1.6.0a Apk Recent Changes:

  • After you install the app, grant it super user permission and check "improve core/clock control" option in EXTRAS PAGE and finally Reboot..
  • GPU control is now improved to set max 3D above 416 Mhz if custom kernel support it.
  • Clock frequencies are now fully fixed
  • LP core now gets locked properly if Enable companion core is used.
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved UI a little bit as per respective user requests>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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