Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Call & Message blocker 4.5.7 (v4.5.7) Apk Android

Call & Message blocker 4.5.7 (v4.5.7) Apk

Call & Message blocker 4.5.7 (v4.5.7) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Please open aFirewall from Home instead of Play Store after installation.

aFirewall basics:

  • Black list is the default list to be blocked. By default, you only need to put the number into black list if you want to block it; Check on "Unknown and private" in black list to block unknown/private/restricted/anonymous calls;
  • Number in protected list will never be blocked; Protected conversation supports to hide protected list numbers' call/SMS/MMS;
  • To make sure aFirewall has higher priority to monitor incoming messages, please install aFirewall before other third party messaging applications such Go SMS Pro, Handcent etc.

aFirewall data:

  • Support to backup all aFirewall data to sdcard directory with xml format; and restore aFirewall settings from sdcard directory;
  • Based on BackupToEmail application, support to backup blocked log and protected log to Gmail;

aFirewall security

  • Password/Fake password supported;
  • Support to hide aFirewall application icon, you can open it with SimpleDialer or system dialer;

Call & Message blocker v4.5.7 Apk Features:

  • Outgoing call blocking supported;
  • Prefix wildcard supported;
  • SMS keywords Block is supported;
  • Support to block SMS message from Email address; But aFirewall does not support to block Email;

Call & Message blocker v4.5.7 Apk Changes:

  • Fix a bug;

WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.26 (v2.11.26) Apk Android

WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.26 (v2.11.26) Apk

WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.26 (v2.11.26) Apk is recently updated to its new version. WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.26 is a smartphone messenger available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.26 uses your 3G or WiFi to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.26 to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. First year FREE.

WhatsApp Messenger v2.11.26 Apk Features:

  • No Hidden Cost
  • Multimedia
  • No need to login or out
  • No need to add buddies
  • offline messages
  • Many More
  • Group Chat
  • No international charges
  • No pins and username required

WhatsApp Messenger v2.11.26 Apk Recent Changes:

  • miscellaneous bug fixes, translations and improvements>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>

Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 (v3.9.1) Apk Android

Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 (v3.9.1) Apk

Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 (v3.9.1) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Take control of your notifications. LEDs, vibrations, repeating sounds and more.
Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 Apk allows you to take control of your notification LED colors and makes them successively flash one color after another.

Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 Apk also allows you to set repeating sounds on vibration patterns for you notifications. You can also set a "sleep" mode or "on charge" where the lights and/or sounds and vibrations will not be heard or seen. If you've come from a Blackberry device and miss the features of BeBuzz / BerryBuzz then give LightFlow a try.
Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 Apk will allow you to control the notification color for the followning:
  • MMS messages
  • Low battery
  • No signal
  • Google talk
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Missed calls
  • Voice mail
  • Calendar reminders 
  • gmail
  • email
  • SMS messages
Light Flow - LED&Notifications 3.9.1 Apk allows the colors to flash in succession, so if you have a new SMS and a missed call it can alternate between the two colors. You can also set which notification type has the highest priority and let it flash in just that one color.

Light Flow - LED&Notifications v3.9.1 Apk Recent Changes

  • Swipe away notifications
  • Remote clearing of notifications read on other devices 
  • Handle restricted profiles for users
  • Other new features
  • Support for new Gmail folders 
  • Exclude notifications from sleep mode
  • Support for incoming calls
  • Support for new Skype app
  • Samsung multi-window support
  • Better support for HTC one root users
  • Added support for 72 new apps



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