Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Best Cell Phone Range in 2015

Best cell phone contains: 

First of all you should know the best cell phone is:
Following things which is mainly necessary to be in your cell phone:

  1. Picture quality
  2. Camera
  3. Shape(look)
  4. Life time
  5. Battery life
  6. processing speed
  7. Grip in hand
I will describe each and every point step by step to you. just keep calm and read the full article.

     1. Picture Quality:

Picture quality is very necessary because it give all edge to your cell phone. Your cell phone ppi(pixel per inch) must have more than 250. why? Because human eye cannot distinguish of more than 250 ppi. Is it is more so it is not good for your cell phone because it will only consume your cell phone battery fastly. Don't always put your cell phone brightness on full. It will lead your battery consuming so fast. Set your cell phone brightness on normal.

     2. Camera

Camera is also very important part in your cell phone. Don't focus on camera pixels it is not important. You have to focus on maximum resolution of your camera. The best cell phones have 4160*3120 pixels and that is very good for photography. And one more thing camera apps like (Camera 360) which is very good. It enhance your pics result. It also enhance your pics colors.
Flash is a life-blood of the camera.

       3. Shape:

Shape is very necessary thing of your cell phone. Shape must be simple and eye catching. If you go for stylish phone like Black Berry have they don't like by most of the people. Your cell phone body is not shinny and glassy type because it my be fell down and get broken. If it is of slippery body cover it with pouch.
I personally don't like the shape of Samsung mobiles which is curvy. The best cell phone shape is like HTC Desire 816. I just love this shape(body) of cell phone.

      4. Life Time:

Normally cell phones life is 1-2 years according to most of the persons.  Life time is not that much matters because most cell phones have good life time. We use cell phone max for 6-12 months. When new mobile came into the market we rush toward it :) 
That's the universal truth

      5. Battery Life:

Battery is dependent on your cell phone usage. If your cell phone is of 5'' (inch) and also have quad core processor then it must have more than 2500 milliampere. Put on power saver mode it will also help in battery saving. By the way the stand by time is good of every phone.

       6. Processing Speed:

If your cell phone is quad core then is way much better than octa core because if your cell phone have octa core processore it has following disadvantages.

  • Fast battery consumption 
  • Not much fast like octa core
       7. Grip in hand:

When your cell phone weight is about 150 gram and it also have a leather back and if it don't have then purchase a back cover. why i suggest you 150 gram weight cell phone?
because it has good grip in hand. if you choose less weight then you don't fell comfortable in carrying your phone and if it has weight more than 150 gram then your hand my fell tired :D


So the good phone must have all the above things and one thing more its price is within 310 US DOLLAR.