Thursday, 31 January 2013

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b (v1.6.2b) Apk Android build 20

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b (v1.6.2b) Apk build 20

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b (v1.6.2b) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Looking for a Twitter app with an Innovative UI, Buttery animations, Extra fast loading times and Unique Features ? Look no further, Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b is what you need.

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b Apk Features:

  •  Offline favoriting
  •  Tweet Drafts
  •  Inline preview of Photos and Videos
  •  TweetMarker support to use on multiple devices
  •  In-app preview of Play Store links
  •  Double Sliding Menu UI like you've never seen before
  •  Beautiful Phone and Tablet UI
  •  Extra smooth scrolling
  •  Real Time, Expandable notifications
  •  Super fast internal browser with Instapaper integration
Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b is fast and smooth on phones and tablets running Android 2.2 and above.

New in Falcon Pro (for Twitter) 1.6.2b Apk:

v1.6.2b - mentions fix + position holding
v1.6.2a - settings fix + live streaming
  • Better pic viewer, smart resizing, tap anywhere to close
  • Automatic cache clearing system
  • options for Sound, vibrate and LED on notifications
  • New refresh on startup option
  • New live streaming option 
  • Better position holding

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