Sunday, 27 January 2013

MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 (v4.2.0) Apk Android

MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 (v4.2.0) Apk

MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 (v4.2.0) Apk is recently updated to its new vresion. Using MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 electronic checkbook you can easily keep track of your everyday expenses and keep an eye on your cash flow. No more overdrafts.

MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 was named "The Best Budget-Tracking App For Android" by LifeHacker, 2012.
To this day MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 has helped thousands of users from 120 countries around the world to get a grip of their personal finance and make wiser economic decisions.

MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 supports all currencies of the world (e.g. $, €, £, ¥, kr, R$).

MoneyWise Pro 4.2.0 Apk Features:

  •  Monitor account balances
  •  Backup to SD card
  •  Export as CSV for Excel import
  •  Export as HTML
  •  Export a backup of all data as e-mail or to Dropbox
  •  Multiple currencies
  •  Switch currency when traveling
  •  Mark transactions as cleared by the bank
  •  Create and rename Tags
  •  Create and rename Categories
  •  Change start date of budget months
  •  Highly configurable 
  •  Can import data stored in the free "MoneyWise" and "" apps.
  •  Ad free
  •  User friendly and easy to use
  •  Doesn't require internet access, no registration.
  •  Multiple accounts
  •  Multiple budgets
  •  Weekly, biweekly and monthly budget periods
  •  Income and expenses
  •  Password protection
  •  Recurring transactions
  •  Transfer between accounts
  •  Graph expenses over time
  •  Graph expenses by category
  •  Tag expenses
  •  Filter by categories and tags
  •  View by day/week/month/year
Tip: Using Dropbox it is easy to keep a safe backup of your data at an external location. Simply install the Dropbox application from Android Market. In MoneyWise: Open the menu and click "Export Data". Backups are restored manually via USB.
Recent changes: (f000h)
  •  New 'note' input field.
  •  A number of bug fixes.
  •  Performance improvements. 
  •  New layout in the List tab.
  •  Split categories.
  •  Italian translation.
  •  Possible to select currency when transferring between accounts.

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