Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fast Reboot Pro 4.0 (v4.0) Apk Android

Fast Reboot Pro 4.0 (v4.0) Apk

Fast Reboot Pro 4.0 (v4.0) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Fast Reboot Pro 4.0 now includes an option to automatically perform a "fast reboot" every time you unlock your device. This way, your phone will  always  be as fast and responsive as possible.

In addition, you can now schedule a fast reboot so that your phone is fast rebooted automatically at a certain time each day
1)Select processes that should be excluded from being restarted
2)Schedule automatic fast reboots
3)Option to automatically fast reboot when you unlock your device
4)Comes with a widget and a direct shortcut to instantly start a reboot

Fast Reboot Pro 4.0 (v4.0) Apk Recent Changes

  • Option to delay auto-reboots on screen-lock for 5 seconds to prevent accidental reboots
  • The list of restarted/closed apps is now sorted alphabetically
  • Complete redesign based on ICS
  • The "reboot on unlock"-feature is now compatible with GO Locker
  • Added separate notification options for manual/scheduled autoreboots>>>>>>>>>   >>>>>>>>

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