Thursday, 7 February 2013

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 (v3.0) Apk Android

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 (v3.0) Apk 

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 (v3.0) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Try the smartest lock screen for Android.

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 Apk allows you to check your notifications without unlocking your device.

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 Apk monitors notifications coming from any app on your device, and displays them as banners on your lock screen. You can easily swipe them away by swiping them to the left, or launch the notification by swiping to the right.

When your device is unlocked LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 Apk provides banner notifications in the top of your screen even when running fullscreen apps so that you don't miss them.

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 Apk also provides a shortcut panel and music playback control. Simply swipe the clock to the right to access the shortcut panel, and to the left to access music playback control.

LockerPro Lockscreen 3.0 (v3.0) Apk Changes:

  • Improved picture and icon display
  • A shortcut to the Talkback issue's fix for Samsung phones users has been added
  • Added the "Galaxy" theme
  • Removed some clock layouts, added the "Galaxy" clock>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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