Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A.I.type Keyboard Plus (v1.9.9.1) Apk Android

A.I.type Keyboard Plus (v1.9.9.1) Apk

A.I.type Keyboard Plus (v1.9.9.1) Apk is recently updated to its new version. An intelligent A.I.type Keyboard Plus with revolutionary context sensitive text prediction, auto correction, auto learning, undo/redo/navigation capabilities and cool skins.

Over 35 language layouts
English text prediction is built in 
Predictionaries for text prediction are currently available for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew.

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.1 Apk Features : 

  • Automagically learns your common words and style.
  • Supports unique themes. 
  • Allows skin customization colors, background images etc. 
  • Includes a layout for undo/redo/copy/paste/navigation and more.
  • Suggests your next word
  • Completes your current word
  • Corrects your spelling as you type
  • Auto corrects your typos when you hit the spacebar 

A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.1 Apk Recent Changes

  • Force close on start application on Tablet devices.
  • Bug fixing
  • New emoji previewer to show emoji’s in text on non-supported devices or applications.
  • Add ‘ñ’ char to Spanish layout.
  • Fix device stuck problems.
  • Support 9 new languages>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>


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