Saturday, 27 April 2013

Camera360 Ultimate 4.1 (v4.1) Apk Android

Camera360 Ultimate 4.1 (v4.1) Apk 

Camera360 Ultimate 4.1 (v4.1) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Tweak your smartphone's camera with the manual setting, or choose on of six shooting modes: Effect, Scenery, Funny, Tilt shift Mode, Color-shift and Normal Mode. Once you've snapped the shots you like, Camera360 Ultimate 4.1 will also help you share your photos with your friends through your favorite social networking programs.

Camera360 Ultimate 4.1 Apk is a worldwide popular camera app. It is ever honored as one of Top100 Technology Products all over the world by PCWorld in 2011. It is easy and fluent. Camera360 Ultimate 4.1 has rich Effects and has won 70 million users around the world so far.

Camera360 Ultimate v4.1 Apk Features:

  • Focus functions allow for macro and scenic photography
  • Anti-vibration option helps stabilize shooting
  • Customized flash settings grant compositional flexibility
  • 15 available effects settings, from black and white to night enhancement
  • 6 shooting modes optimize your smartphone's camera

Camera360 Ultimate v4.1 Apk Changes:

  • Added 6 shooting modes makes photography easier
  • Multi effects is available to make photo more creative
  • New Scenes to decorate photo make photography more interesting;
  • Safe, tight and lifelong Cloud Service of Camera360 Cloud;
  • Brand New UI and Landscape mode is supported;
  • Speed up starting and shooting. It is easier to catch each wonderful moment.

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