Tuesday, 23 April 2013

System Monitor 1.1.05 (v1.1.05) Apk Android

System Monitor 1.1.05 (v1.1.05) Apk 

System Monitor 1.1.05 (v1.1.05) Apk is recently updated to its new version. System Monitor 1.1.05 is a full 5 in 1! You will be able to monitor CPU,RAM,I/O,Network and TOP APPS from
  • Main app
  • Notification bar
  • Floating app
  • Widgets, including DashClock extensions
You will be able to configure lots of nice features, such as:
  • The update interval in order to spare system resources.
  • Choose to either monitor total cpu usage or individual cpu cores.

System Monitor 1.1.05 (v1.1.05) Apk Recent Changes:

  • Percentage and prediction
  • Temperature 
  • Remaining time prediction configuration
  • Detailed usage reports
  • Scheduled monitoring 
  • Saving background monitoring sessions
  • Support for Android 2.2+
  • New languages
  • Several performance improvements
  • Notifications now have a default update interval of 3 seconds
  • Widgets update interval set to 3 seconds>>>>>>>

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