Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ninja SMS 1.5.2 (v1.5.2) Apk Android

Ninja SMS 1.5.2 (v1.5.2) Apk

Ninja SMS 1.5.2 (v1.5.2) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Ninja SMS 1.5.2 enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming messages without ever leaving your current screen.

Ninja SMS v1.5.2 Apk Features:

  • Maximize mode allows you to switch to full texting mode in an instant
  • Settings panel lets you control which contacts the app will show popups for
  • 1 easy switch to enable and disable anytime
  • Efficient battery usage so you can keep the popups open as long as you want
  • Elegant design and graphics
  • Multiple floating windows at the same time
  • Drag and drop windows anywhere with ease
  • Collapse mode helps minimize popups for easy access anytime
  • Notification animation for new incoming messages in minimized chat windows

Ninja SMS v1.5.2 Apk Recent Changes:

  • now you can use compose with choose all contacts
  • Compose feature within the app. Yay
  • Quick compose homescreen widget. Add a widget for any contact and start chatting right away... ninja style
  • Call contact directly from the ninja popup by tapping on the contact photo 
  • General bug fixes and improvements>>>>>>>>

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