Thursday, 25 July 2013

Notif Pro 0.7.2 (v0.7.2) Apk Android

Notif Pro 0.7.2 (v0.7.2) Apk 

Notif Pro 0.7.2 (v0.7.2) Apk is recently updated to9 its new version. The Pro version for your favorite custom notification creator.
Notif Pro 0.7.2 Apk is an app built for Jelly Bean that allows you to create rich notifications for reminders, passwords, lists, pictures, or anything else you'd like to put up there that you can think of.

Notif Pro v0.7.2 Apk Features:

  • Big Picture, which holds a title, an expanded title, a little bit of content, and an image that you can take or retrieve from your storage
  • List, which you can add a title, up to 7 items, a summary, and a reduced one-line of content
  • Default, which just holds a title and one line of content 
  • Big Text, which holds a title, an expanded title, and multiple lines of content

Notif Pro v0.7.2 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Fixed a reboot issue 
  • Option to toggle notification action buttons
  • Updated icon
  • Fixed/changed:
  • Reboot issue finally solved
  • Note that only text and list notifications will persist through a reboot
  • Reduced content of list now shows list items
  • Improved touch handling in History>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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