Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Slingshot Racing (v1.3.3.2) Apk Android

Slingshot Racing (v1.3.3.2) Apk

Slingshot Racing (v1.3.3.2) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Behold a beautiful steampunk environment with ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen and more.

Slingshot Racing Apk Pro Tip: To deploy the hook try picking a corner of the screen and just keep pressing there. You do not need to press on the towers to slingshot.

Career mode features 80 races with different objectives and settings. Take part in a simple straight race to the top spot on the podium. The pickups race pits you against the clock to collect all the cogs on the track as quickly as possible. The time trials offer you the chance to shave those all important seconds to achieve the perfect race. Alternatively prove your mettle by taking on the fearsome chomper as it hunts you around the track.

Slingshot Racing v1.3.3.2 Apk Features:

  • Fix for cloud saves crashing the app on some devices
  • Due to a number of issues some players were having Google+ integration (required for Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud saves) is now an opt-in service through the G+ button on the title screen.>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>


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