Monday, 26 August 2013

AVStreamer - Remote Desktop HD 1.12 (v1.12) Apk Android

AVStreamer - Remote Desktop HD 1.12 (v1.12) Apk

AVStreamer - Remote Desktop HD 1.12 (v1.12) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Remote control of your PC or MAC anywhere, anytime.
Video streaming at up to 30 frame per second with audio, enjoy game, movie and TV from your PC or MAC. WebCam also supported.

Easily manage your computers with AVStreamer HUB Server on single account that it will automatically search your PC or MAC without configuring network settings.

AVStreamer - Remote Desktop HD v1.12 Apk Feature:

  • Desktop Streaming and Remote Control 
  • Multimedia Streaming with playback speed control 
  • Camera / TV Tuner Streaming
  • Additional Features:
  • Zoom and Scaling Screen 
  • Gesture Customizing 
  • Custom Keyboard Customizing 
  • Track Pad Mode 
  • Video Playback Speed Control / Rate Control 
  • Support Dual Monitor 
  • Support Bluetooth 
  • Support TV-Out
  • Special Feature : Built-in Multimedia Player
  • Supports PIP mode to display desktop streaming screen and multimedia streaming screen simultaneously. Built-in Multimedia player support Camera, TV Tuner and video files that OS supports. For more detail of supporting media formats and device, please visit our website.
  • Requirements and Restrictions:
  • AVStreamer Server must be downloaded and installed on PC or MAC from our website 
  • Windows XP SP2 or above, Vista, Windows 7 32 bit/64bit, Windows 8
  • Core 2 Duo processor or higher is recommended. 
  • Mac SnowLeopard and Lion, Mountain Lion 
  • Any network firewall may block the connection if you don't allow "AVStreamer Server" manually.
  • Dual-Core, Android 4.0 or higher is recommended.

AVStreamer - Remote Desktop HD v1.12 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Fixed screen error
  • others bug fix>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>>>


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