Friday, 23 August 2013

FxCamera 3.4.0 (v3.4.0) Apk Android

FxCamera 3.4.0 (v3.4.0) Apk

FxCamera 3.4.0 (v3.4.0) Apk is recently updated to its new version. FxCamera 3.4.0 is a camera app which lets you take photos with various effects. And it’s free.

FxCamera v3.4.0 Apk Effects:

  • Poster: makes your photos look like comics, “manga” or Andy Warhol’s paintings.
  • Normal: No effects, but lets you take photos faster than your default camera and it is easier to use.
  • Instant, ToyCam: Adds toy camera effects to your photo.
  • Fisheye: Adds fisheye effects to your photos.
  • Symmetric: Makes your photos symmetrical.

FxCamera v3.4.0 Apk Features:

  • Timer: You can set a timer to take your photos.
  • Import from your gallery: You can select photos saved on your device and add effects to them.
  • You can share your photos through Facebook and Twitter with simple steps. 
  • Shortcut: You can select the effect you want and start the camera directly from your home screen.
  • Front facing camera: You can choose front facing camera when its available.

FxCamera v3.4.0 Apk Recent Changes:

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements>>>>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>


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