Saturday, 16 August 2014

ZPlayer v4.01 Apk Android

ZPlayer 4.01 (v4.01) Apk 

ZPlayer v4.01 Apk is recently updated to its new version. you might need to uninstall the application before upgrading to version 3.x some database changes have made the application crash after upgrading, but a new installation should fix the issue.

Welcome to ZPlayer v4.01 Apk  a Windows Phone 7 / Zune themed player, a better richer and more interactive media player.
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Note: ZPlayer v4.01 Apk  uses android framework Audio Effect API, this API was introduced since android 2.3. Therefore only devices that have at least Android version 2.3 will be able to take advantage of this feature.

If you use a third party equalizer that controls the output mix for all media playing on the device, disable it before using this application. ZPlayer v4.01 Apk  needs to control its own audio effects.

ZPlayer v4.01 Apk  Recent Changes:

  • many bug fixes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>


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