Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 (v7.3.2) Apk Download

Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 (v7.3.2) Apk 

Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 (v7.3.2) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 is a fast, light and extremely customizable launcher 
Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 Apk is the launcher of choice for people who wants a butter smooth, light on memory and tailor-made home screen replacement.
Unlike most traditional launchers, Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 lets you place items everywhere on the desktop, not only to the left or right sides, but also on pages above and below. Think at the desktop as an unlimited canvas extending in both horizontal and vertical directions instead of a strip, and you will get the idea.
Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 Apk has some interesting features, such as being able to put widgets in folders, or letting you freely move, scale and rotate any items.
With its wide set of options and switches, LL is one of the most customizable launcher, albeit perhaps not the easiest to configure yet. Agreed, as most powerful tools, LL has a learning curve. But isn't that a small price to pay to get the most exciting and unique home screen.

Lightning Launcher 7.3.2 Apk Changes:

  • Revert changes related to widgets that fixed some problems on a few devices but created problems on many others.

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