Sunday, 3 February 2013

Reddit News 6.35 (v6.35) Apk Android

Reddit News 6.35 (v6.35) Apk

Reddit News 6.35 (v6.35) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Officially the best new Reddit app according to r/android.

Officially the best new Reddit App for Android! See the discussion on r/android:

Reddit News 6.35 Apk Features:

  • Drag and drop sortable Subreddits, move your favorites to the front.
  • multiple colour themes including black,white,blue and pink
  • Search Reddit for a specific topic.
  • Optimized portrait and landscape layouts.
  • butter smooth scrolling!
  • optimized for dual core devices
  • pre-fetching of images for quick viewing right from the stories list
  • Stories and comments load at the same time. Switch between the two by sliding up and down the voting bar. 
  • View profiles, edit and delete comments, check your inbox, submit posts and more...
  • Hi-res thumbnails created from pre-fetched images
  • New Ice Cream Sandwich theme
  • Rage faces and MLP emotes in comments with alternate text

Reddit News 6.35 Apk Changes:

  • fixed a couple of common force close issues
  • added setting to disable swiping back from comments
  • added option to disable double tap to zoom so image previews close instantly
  • Added Random subreddit option to sliding menu
  • YouTube previews now have a red caret to differentiate them from image previews

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