Sunday, 28 April 2013

GO Weather EX Premium 4.01 (v4.01) Apk Android

GO Weather EX Premium 4.01 (v4.01) Apk

GO Weather EX Premium 4.01 (v4.01) Apk is recently updated to its new version. We have stopped maintaining the Old GO Weather EX Premium 4.01. To ensure that you can normally receive the weather information, Please update to the GO Weather EX version. We will continue to optimize the experience of EX version. 

GO Weather EX Premium 4.01 Apk supports tens of thousands of cities around the world. GO Weather EX Premium 4.01 delivers the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time. The gorgeous dynamic background brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment.

GO Weather EX Premium v4.01 Apk Features:

  • The weather forecast for the next 5 days
  • Dynamic Background
  • Support GO Launcher Widget
  • Auto refresh
  • Themes supported
  • Weather detail today
  • The weather condition in the next 24 hours

GO Weather EX Premium v4.01 Apk Recent changes:

  • Tab column trends sliding screen prompts.
  • Catalan translation.
  • Weather description support Russian and Portuguese translation.
  • City switch way in Tab.
  • Layout of AQI interface.
  • Theme Store interface and add dynamic elements.
  • French and Italian translation.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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