Sunday, 28 April 2013

GreenPower Premium 9.8 (v9.8) Apk Android

GreenPower Premium 9.8 (v9.8) Apk

GreenPower Premium 9.8 (v9.8) Apk is recently updated to its new version. GreenPower Premium 9.8 is fully automatic: Once configured, GreenPower Premium 9.8 runs and saves your battery by itself. It does so by smartly managing Wifi, Mobile data, Bluetooth and Screen Brightness: Turning them off when you don't need them, but ensure minimum disturbance: Automatic turned ON when needed by you or by other apps. Easiest, cleanest and fastest app of GreenPower Premium 9.8 category.
"GreenPower Premium 9.8 Apk is a simple and easy to use power and network management software" 

GreenPower Premium v9.8 Apk Features:

  • Apps Whitelist & Blacklist: To keep data on when using specific apps 
  • Simple WIDGET: To quickly pause or resume
  • NIGHT mode fully configurable, Airplane mode...
  • Tasker & Locale Plug-in 
  • Compatible with Cerberus 2.0
  • Very lightweight and fast app
  • Easy and clean interface
  • Fully configurable settings
  • Settings backup / restore
  • 20 Languages 
  • Battery life indicator in notification area.
  • Wifi management: Based on schedule, screen state, location, power connected, signal level.
  • Mobile data management: Based on schedule, screen state, power connected.
  • BLUETOOTH management: Based on devices connected or in range, screen state, power etc
  • Traffic check: Configurable to prevent disturbing other apps

GreenPower Premium v9.8 Apk Recent Changes:

  • New feature: GPS!
  • This new release brings several improvements and corrections.
  • The complete release notes are available online:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>


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