Thursday, 2 May 2013

BubbleUPnP Pro 1.6.8 (v1.6.8) Apk Android

BubbleUPnP Pro 1.6.8 (v1.6.8) Apk

BubbleUPnP Pro 1.6.8 (v1.6.8) Apk is recently updated to its new version. BubbleUPnP Pro 1.6.8 is a full featured UPnP/DLNA Control Point, UPnP Media Renderer and UPnP Media Server. Play easily your music and videos on your phone and devices on your network from your external UPnP Media Servers. Play your phone/tablet media to those devices.
Browse and play your local phone/tablet media from other devices

BubbleUPnP Pro 1.6.8 (v1.6.8) Apk Features:

  • Tablet support
  • stream music and videos from your UPnP/DLNA Media Server to your Android device.
  • Video playback is delagated to an external app 
  • stream music/videos from your UPnP/DLNA Media Server to your UPnP renderers on your network with regular playback controls. 
  • UPnP renderer: control audio playback of your android device from another UPnP Control point
  • Internet streaming/downloading over a mobile or WiFi connection with BubbleUPnP Server
  • UPnP tethering with BubbleUPnP Server
  • Download tracks, full albums and videos from your Media Server to your android device, to make them available in your favorite Android music and media player
  • Landscape mode
  • Now Playing screen with regular playback controls
  • Mute / Repeat / Shuffle
  • Editable playlist to queue tracks for playback
  • Load and save playlists
  • Shuffle Playlist
  • Shuffle Library
  • Scrobbling support
  • Sleep Timer
  • Display album art
  • Display artist info from Discogs or 
  • Bookmarks. Access quickly albums and folders
  • Random track list generation. Discover forgotten gems in your Library

BubbleUPnP Pro 1.6.8 (v1.6.8) Apk Recent Changes:

  • added ability to hide the license app icon from the launcher>>>>>>>>

Google Play Link:>>>>>>>


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