Thursday, 2 May 2013

inKa File Manager Plus 0.6.9 (v0.6.9) Apk Android

inKa File Manager Plus 0.6.9 (v0.6.9) Apk

inKa File Manager Plus 0.6.9 (v0.6.9) Apk is recently updated to its new version. inKa File Manager Plus 0.6.9 for Android. Maintaining files on your device becomes easy.
inKa File Manager Plus 0.6.9 Apk is a File Manager for Google Android. inKa File Manager Plus 0.6.9 is able to copy, move, rename, delete, open as well as archive your files. So maintaining your files becomes easy without the need of a computer.

inKa File Manager Plus v0.6.9 Apk Features:

  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Create and extract ZIP archives
  • Thumbnails for images
  • Listview and gridview
  • Rescan media library
  • Navigate the file system
  • Bookmarks
  •  Search
  • Delete, rename, send and open files

inKa File Manager Plus v0.6.9 Apk Recent Changes

  • Added option to install Super User and BusyBox
  • New icons
  • Fix for bookmarks
  • Implementation of CHMOD
  • Fix for searching
  • Option to mount system partition writable
  • UI tweaks
  • Added Polish translation>>>>>>>>>

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