Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cracking Sands 1.0.1 (v1.0.1) Apk Android

Cracking Sands 1.0.1 (v1.0.1) Apk

Cracking Sands 1.0.1 (v1.0.1) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Society has been reduced to a tribal state, where rank and social standing is based on one thing and one thing only: death races.

Cracking Sands 1.0.1 is an action-packed racer featuring a band of merry lunatics driving small vehicles fitted with big guns. Your trigger finger will be tested just as much as your straight racing skills. Like the saying goes: if you can’t go around something (or someone), you go through them instead.
Cracking Sands 1.0.1 features multiple single player game modes as well as online multiplayer, allowing you to square off against both the vicious AI and other racers from all over the world.


Download Link part 1:>>>>>>

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