Saturday, 26 January 2013

Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 (v4.2) Apk Download

Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 (v4.2) Apk

Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 (v4.2) Apk is recently updated to its new version. Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 is supreme Android finder application which helps many people locate their Android device with just a simple WHISTLE after losing it, forgetting it somewhere or being hidden somewhere in a room on a desk behind papers, in a briefcase or in a coat pocket etc.

Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 Apk Features:

  • Whistle Android Finder PRO integrates the ability to release the microphone in your Android device during incoming or outgoing calls or when the screen of your device is ON! After a call ends, the normal background operation of whistle detection will resume automatically.
  • It is possible to choose among 5 different whistle detection sensitivity levels! Whistle Android Finder PRO is just ready to adapt to any Android device regardless of the specifics of integrated acoustic components.
  • Under the Whistle Android Finder PRO settings tab it is possible to choose among 17 different very amusing audio notification sounds to notify the presence of the detected whistle.
  • In contrast to the free, ad-supported version, the paid Whistle Android Finder PRO does not include any ads! Furthermore, the set of requested permissions is much lower now. Only the essential permissions are requested.
  • Much lower battery consumption due to optimized whistle detection engine when compared to the Whistle Android Finder FREE. The application has been designed and strongly optimised in order to reduce battery drain as much as possible.
  • Whistle Android Finder PRO can be enabled or disabled under the settings tab. Just run the application and the settings tab will appear! Remember: Whistle detection is working ONLY when the device is sleeping.
  • Once enabled, Whistle Android Finder PRO will work even if you reboot your Android device! Of course, you can disable it under the settings tab at any time.
Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 is based on sophisticated but computationally optimised Digital Signal Processing techniques to analyse captured audio signals from the environment and search for distinct time-frequency patterns of a typical human whistle. The incorporated DSP algorithm is not signal energy based, therefore this whistle detector is much more accurate and reliable than similar applications found elsewhere on Google Play.
Remember, just whistle and your Android will respond.

New in Whistle Android Finder PRO 4.2 Apk: 

  • No Ads.
  • Reduced battery consumption compared to FREE version.
  • Certified by Samsung Certification team.

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