Saturday, 26 January 2013

gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 (v3.1.2) Apk Android

gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 (v3.1.2) Apk 

gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 (v3.1.2) Apk is recently updated to its new version. gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 is an unofficial Google Reader client for Android. Read all your rss/feed news in one place with Google Reader, where keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email.

gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 Apk FEATURES (PRO):

  •  Downloading Podcasts
  •  Voice-Reading
  • Support developers
  •  Ad free version
  •  Better Widgets 

gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 Apk FEATURES:

  •  Sort: by newest, by oldest, by feed
  •  Quick and swipe actions: faster access to funtions
  •  Rich article list 
  •  Widget: Icon widget with unread badge
  •  Easy Reading: Reading mode view, inverse webpage color
  •  Quick actions, Swipe actions
  •  Fullscreen mode: Enlarge your reading space
  •  Recommended items / sources
  •  HTTPS connection: Use Http Secure to get your feeds
  •  App2SD
  •  OAUTH
  •  Backup/Restore: Backup/Restore your preferences 
  • Google Reader synchronization: Use gReader at home, at your office, or anywhere you go and keep your feeds, tags and shared items synched in one place.
  •  2-Way Sync: Synchronize your read items between gReader and Google Reader. Keep your articles up-to-date
  •  Notification
  •  Share articles via Email, Facebook, Twitter,
  •  Services: Tranlation, Mobilizer
  •  Save to Pocket / Instapaper / Readability
  •  Search feature: Search and filter keywords, save search results
  • Auto synchronization
  •  User Interface: Simple, fast and intuitive
  •  Tablet optimized: Read your news more comfortable on a tablet
  •  Themes: Light, Black and Dark
  •  Night Mode: Read your articles with white font on black background. Save battery and increase readability in the night.
  •  Offline Reading with full article content
  •  Mark read on scroll
  •  Podcast support 
  •  Voice-Reading 
  •  Folders / Tags support

New in gReader Pro (Google Reader) 3.1.2 Apk:

  •  If you encounter any issues feel free to contact us.
  •  Improved: Downloads shows .m4a files
  •  Fixed: Bug fixes and various improvements
  • Added: Use EverClip to clip web contents to Evernote
  •  Added: Default app for share feature

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